today it rained

That’s right, after a fantastic first week weather wise, today it rained. I hope this isn’t any sort of indication of things to come. Though, even soaked to the bone, I’m bopping around with a smile because it isn’t 20 below…

So yes, I am here, I am almost officially set up, the research has begun, and the outlook is still very much positive. I have no doubts about descending into madness and loathing before this whole trip is over, but for now things are still Rosy. With a capital R.

Detail wise, I’m staying with a bud until I can move into the actual apartment I’ve got lined up for March 1st. It’s a fantastic downtown apartment, in the building above the Shanghai Tunnels, right in the think of the Muck and the Mire the engulfs that section of Portland. Most importantly, it’s a block of the train line, and only four floors above $1.50 beers…

On the anarchist front, I’ve hit the hot spots, the hangouts, and started making friends. I’ve managed to offend only one, possibly two of the hipsters posing as anarchists, but the day is young and I’m feeling mean. The one gripe I’ve got comes from the fact that these places don’t seem to keep regular hours, or even posted hours. I understand that these establishments are co-ops and collectively run, but its frustrating to make your way across the city in the rain, only to find the shop closed at the three in the afternoon, right next to the sign that says “Open Daily 12-8pm”

In other news, I’ve signed up for a street medic training session this weekend. 20 hours of learning how to treat the fantastic bumps and bruises and macings that come as a result of free speech in this country. If you remember the RNC in St. Paul over the summer, the street medics were the mainly middle aged folks wearing bright yellow shirts that said “Street Medic” and also displayed red crosses all over themselves in a futile attempt to avoid the truncheon. These assholes were usually the first to get their teeth kicked in. Selah, I’ll meet some interesting people.

I’m also trying to figure out An Anarchist Book Fair in San Francisco in the middle of March, and south by southwest in Austin that same week. The American Dream was last rumored to be in Texas, I may have to check it out…


2 responses to “today it rained

  1. if you go to sxsw, I will be SO jealous. PS – i’m glad you’ve got a way of keeping folks posted! good luck, sir!

  2. Tread softly, drink hard.

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