40 oz to freedom

So I wanted to drink a 40.  Not just any 40, you understand, but a Mickey’s.  Big green bottle of delicious memories.  Good times in college, sitting on the roof and drinking 40s.  Occasionally throwing 40s off the roof into the neighbors drive-way, though always with good intentions.  Mickey’s reminds me of my friends, and so I wanted to drink one. 

Now.  The liquor laws in Oregon are quite a bit more relaxed than in Minnesota, namely you can buy real beer in corner markets and gas stations, and also on Sunday.  It’s a beautiful thing.  So with visions of delicious malt liquor in a big green bottle dancing in my head, I made my way onto the street and over to my favorite little bodega. 

No 40s.  Plenty of beer and wine, but no 40s of any variety.  So I go to the little Korean market in Old Town, a couple blocks over.  Same deal.  No Mickey’s.  The Greek Market and Middle Eastern Joint don’t have the big green bottles either.  Finally, over at the Yamhill Market, a toothless wonder of an old man tells me that the Portland Police request that the little markets don’t sell malt liquor in downtown.  Nothing official, mind you, just a polite understanding between business and law enforcement.

I got a six pack of Icehouse tall boys for 5 bones, it just wasn’t the same.


2 responses to “40 oz to freedom

  1. Alissa Barnard

    My neighbor is singing a drunken song outside my door. Should I go join?

    Actually I was just coming to your site to petition for another post – and there it was… 5 bones – 5 bucks? I’m usually a little behind in the lingo. Help a gal out!

    May you find your beloved beer prontisimo 🙂

  2. to keep contraband out of the hands of hooligans like yourself, i can only imagine.

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