laughing with you

So, I couldn’t really understand what difference it makes when we chose to accept or rather to reject entities and ideas that we have no control over. Just because you don’t believe in the GOP doesn’t make them any less real. Obama is your president whether you voted for him or not, just like W. Bush was the one before. I don’t believe in the homeless dudes that hang out outside my building, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re going to hit me up for change every time I enter and exit my building.

So don’t believe in it, but the world doesn’t care so much what you believe in. The rain will come, some people will be assholes, but most will be nice. The Lady Universe will smile and play her tricks, she might ask you dance, and that’s alright too.

I met a girl with a sad sign a yesterday. PREGNANT AND HOMELESS. That’s not a fun one. She had a sad way about her, eyes locked on the ground. A little bit heart breaking, and I didn’t have any change. She smile at my futile efforts to dig through my pockets, and then she asked to bum a smoke instead. She offered me a hit of her 40. I was blown away. She wasn’t pregnant, and it didn’t matter that I’d believed she was. The thought was there, and the feeling of humanity. A genuinely true feeling was based on a scam. We shared a laugh and another sip of malt liquor.

I believe in the absurdity that we are all share.


2 responses to “laughing with you

  1. Maybe this story is connected with the last one. Downtown is a high traffic, high tourism area. Maybe law enforcement is convinced the homeless will buy 40s and stir up a bout of debauchery. They may not be able to police the homeless or the bums’ territory per se, but they are attempting to minimize the amount of disturbances they cause for the upstanding ‘civilized,’ daily, tax payers. You know as a strange tactic to crack down on crime. Who knows.

  2. i love your heart.

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