The Train Rocks

This weekend was weird in a low key way. The train experiences continue to get stranger and stranger, and for that I am profoundly thankful. A quick recap from the last few days’ train rides:

-A early twenties thugged out kid with braids picking on three little wannabe high school gangsters, riding them without mercy until they got off the train. Very funny. He then proceeded to hit on a middle age woman, impressed her with his pull ups until she too got off the train. Then it was my turn. I hit him with the quick, “hey! How ya doing!?!” to attempt to set him off balance. Perhaps it worked, as he sat down and commented on my scars, then showed me his. Said he wasn’t ever scared of anything but God. Did some freestyle rapping about godzillas in the river. Was interrupted by some laughing white rastas further up the car. Stopping his rap, he started barking at them, DMX style. It was wild.

-A pudgy white bald man, late twenties, slightly hippie style walking around the train telling every person individually that he loved them. “I love you man.” It was kind of cool, especially because he didn’t seem outwardly drunk or high. Walked back through, and I told him I loved him back, he gave me hug, it was nice. Told the guy next to me that he wanted to start a revolution in Portland, people being friendly, loving each other without condition.

-An older scruffy (but not really homeless) looking gentleman having a normal conversation with a random acquaintance from high school on a busy commuter train. The high school friend got off and the older gentleman surveyed they pack train before booming, “I JUST WANT TO THANK THE YOUTH OF AMERICA FOR VOTING, THANK YOU! AND THE REST OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!” People cringing and averting their eyes. Weird. 

-And on a cross town bus (which might as well be a train) watching a blind kid feel up a heavy set, heavily made up young woman with a sultry voice. Stay Classy Portland.


One response to “The Train Rocks

  1. That is too crazy. I’m intrigued by the Love Revolution guy though.

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