Tax Day Teabaggery?

Not since back in the days of Wild’s bachelor party has there been such extensive discussion of tea bags, tea bagging, and dare I say it, tea baggery? Tea buggery?

Tomorrow (4/15/09) is the day that we as Americans pay our taxes, we give money to the government and in return, the government gives us things like roads, parks, and police. 

Cue The Swine.


Tomorrow (4/15/09) is also the day that conservative red blooded Americans like you, me, and Sal Riley will be out protesting the governments horribly misguided attempts at spending our money in a responsible manner.  Actually that’ll probably just be you and Sal Riley, I’m going to be there snapping pictures and taking notes in case anything cool happens.  Which never seems to happen at any rally sponsored by the conservative element in the United States these days. 

Oh well, here’s to the hope that madness ensues…


3 responses to “Tax Day Teabaggery?

  1. God forbid we have to pay for parks and roads. And I hope you get the chance to snap some good photos!

  2. We should have dressed up in my giant collection of american flag parapanelia and crashed the party. Drinking long island iced teas of course.

  3. Who needs taxes when I can kill all the food I need for my family while flying low in a helicopter and shooting 20 rounds a second!?

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