Go Doyers!


My love affair with Los Angeles started almost exactly six years ago; she was a saucy bitch, and I dug her style. Trading the snow of Minnesota for a week in sunshine with an old friend opened my eyes to a beautiful new world of Hollywood Stars, amazing Mexican food, and sipping beers on the beach in the moonlight. There was sushi and bacon wrapped hot dogs and The Lake Show. There were writers and actors and The Industry. An unbeatable music scene populated by beautiful people. And there was Dodger Baseball.

Broke college kids pounding beers in the parking lot at Chavez Ravine, smuggling flasks up escalators to sit in a sea of Dodger Blue in the left field bleachers. Tickets surprisingly cheap to a Midwesterner on his first trip out, it felt like the Dodgers cared about their fans, and though the team back then wasn’t the most talented, it felt as though the fans cared about their team. More than just a baseball game, Chavez Ravine exemplified the laid back, accepting west coast attitude. Drinking beers in the warm late summer night, the buzz of being out, exchanging jokes and high fives with strangers, being a part of something together, we were Dodger Fans, and it felt good.

Which is why I need The Dodgers to beat the Phillies, and then the Yankees. I’m tired of the East Coast. Don’t get me wrong, I love the culture and the vibe. I regularly dream of Cheesesteaks from Pat’s. I’m a big fan of Sean Carter. I’m just tired of ESPN pretending that the world revolves around the Northeast. I’m tired of the Yankees buying an all-star team on a yearly basis and their arrogant d-bag fans. And Philly, you got yours last year, and I salute you, but its time to bring the glory back out west.

A Dodger’s World Series Championship would turn into a city wide block party. Beers and food, music and dancing with strangers. High-fives and hugs. People will smile at each other. New friends will be made, neighbors will be met, and a new generation of Dodger World Series babies will be made. It will be glorious. If the Dodgers get to the World Series, I’ll get there. I’ll dance in the street with a fifth of whiskey and the Ghost of Bukowski and Dodgers past.

And so, today a man can stand in Portland and look south and dream of sunshine and glitz and glamour, he can dream, he can believe. It’s time Dodgers, do your thing.

Also, check out Zack at Lost Angeles, this dude has been speaking the truth about The Dodgers, and baseball in general all year.


One response to “Go Doyers!

  1. Go Twins?

    I’m with you on the Move-Over-East-Coast thing though.

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