Friday Housekeeping

across the street from my building

Hello. Today is a break from the normal routine, a pause for a bit of house keeping, if you will. Won’t you? You’re really too kind, and St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, drink a pint for me and dance with that cute girl at the bar, she looks like a lot of fun.

The Anarchist Project has received some kind words from around the internets lately, and I want to share the locations with you, it’s a bit of self-promotion, but whatever. First off, Zack at Lost Angeles wrote a really nice piece, he’s good people, we go a ways back. Supremely talented writer, he also plays guitar in a fantastic indie rock band out of Los Angeles, Fight From Above. Check them out here and the video “Between The Curves” here. Sick video produced by the talented folks at A-Hill Productions. You need a video, get a hold of A-Hill, they’re magic.

Next up, the good people at The Daily Ross did the solid of interviewing me as part of their “Artist Spotlight” series. Catch the interview here, and while you’re there, check out the rest of the site, they do good work of breaking down national and local politics.

Also, my last post, “CGIP Explained” featured photography from Simone Badour, an extremely talented up and coming artist out of Melbourne, Australia. Take a moment to check her out at Simone Badour Photography, I hope to use more of her in the future, she’s an amazing talent. (And no, I haven’t talked to the CGIP yet, but I will!)

In other news, The Anarchist Project, the book part of the experience is coming to a close. After 13 months in Portland, I’m more or less finished with the writing and have started the fantastic process of sorting out publishing. If you’re a publisher or know someone who might be interested, please contact me at [] But with the conclusion of the book, comes the conclusion of my time in Portland, the tentative plan is to head back to Minneapolis in May to get some funds together and figure out the next big adventure starting in the fall.

Above all, thank you all for reading. You’re truly fantastic and beautiful people. Comments are sexy. Here’s a fun Friday song, enjoy the weekend my friends, make a memory, share a smile with someone you don’t know.


5 responses to “Friday Housekeeping

  1. Epic Shit, seanbrown. Lots of it.

    And I do like this song.

  2. Crush aside, I think you should consider trying Atlanta on for size. It’s a fun town, full of people from all over, a great outdoors life just outside of the city, eclectic little neighborhoods to immerse yourself in. Certainly less rain and less snow than you’ve been living with. Oh and Southern Women…gorgeous.
    Of course I could never email or comment, should you end up here. The crush being equal parts talent and proximity.

  3. Minneapolis in May!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!


  5. I’m considering a fall adventure myself. We should discuss this.

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