And I’m Doing Alright

if music is your thing, then do your thing.

As we grow and we change, we learn to appreciate the little things, and we learn to love in different ways. We come to realize that it is not always about the sex and the drugs and the rock and roll. We come to appreciate the people who are truly important in our lives; like we should have been doing all along.

We come to wonder, sometimes, just exactly what it is that we’re doing here. Sometimes we lose our way, sometimes we struggle. We become a singer who can’t find the words, a painter who can’t hold the brush. A writer who has forgotten how to write.Eventually we come to realize that to struggle is to be human. That our struggles are shared, that they are yet another tie that binds you to me to those hipsters suddenly taking over our favorite bar. And that helping someone up when they fall ensures that they will be that much more ready to help out the next person who needs it. Which is a beautiful a thing, especially if you happen to be that next person who needs it. We come to realize that helping others is exactly the same as helping ourselves.

And though we’ve suspected it for awhile now, we come to truly know that mysterious smiles on cute strangers in dark bars are some of the most exciting things in life. And we are reminded that sometimes it is actually about the sex and the drugs and the rock and roll. And that’s okay too.

photo by Simone Badour

We can learn to appreciate things that we don’t understand. We can admit when we don’t have any idea what we’re talking about; because we’re curious, we want to learn. We can see the beauty in each other’s passion, even if that passion isn’t our own.

And we come to realize that every conversation is not a battle. And for there to be winners, there must also be losers, and sometimes winning means losing, in the grand scheme of things. We come to understand that communication is not just talking, but it is also listening. We come to find that compliments, small and easy, but sincere compliments can completely change the course of someone’s day.

We come to see that doing things the right way, is just as important as what we do. We learn that setting a good example will never go out of style, and that there is always room for improvement.

We come to value things like cookouts, and patios, and sunshine, and beers with friends, and dancing, and live music, and late night conversations, and the gentle rain outside the window at night, and lying in bed with someone special, and lying in bed alone, and intramural sports, and shared secret kisses, and walks along the waterfront, and street cart vendors, and travel, and visitors, and family. We come to value things without price tags.

And we learn to appreciate the little things, like waking up at 4:30 am on a rainy Portland morning and suddenly remembering how to write.

Please take a moment to check out Simone Badour Photography.


14 responses to “And I’m Doing Alright

  1. Since discovering your blog I look forward to new posts.


  2. some gems in this one. especially liked
    “We come to realize that helping others is exactly the same as helping ourselves.”


  3. brookyln brooklyn, take me in…

    Beautiful post, Sean. Big things coming 🙂

  4. so wonderful when I find just the rights words written. Exactly what i needed to hear today. Thank you for this connection to what is important.

  5. I clearly need to spend some more time in dark bars, except I never seem to end up being able to remember the smiles the next day anyway. I wonder, will darkened coffee shops do?

  6. You have become, absolutely, one of my favourite subscriptions. I hope this means you will be posting more often.

  7. Darlin darlin little cherry,

    If you forgot how to write you need to forget more often if when it comes back to you it comes back this strong.

    Honestly, I’m so glad that I can count you as a friend both on and offline. Meeting you was the highlight of my Fall.

    You are always an inspiration, always. You remind me every day to live harder, faster, stronger. You make my dreams feel tangible. You make me want to embrace all those crazy urges that most people tell me to ignore.

    And you do the majority of this through your writing.

    You are a brilliant writer, penguin.

    Never stop. Even if it seems hard, sometimes. There will always be people thirsting for your words.


  8. Hands down my favorite of yours. You came back from writers block with an unmatched fury like you were never gone.

  9. “We learn to value things without price tags.” Love this, Sean. Just amazing.

  10. Each time I read your work, I am amazed at how much I can FEEL what you’re writing. I really enjoy reading your…..words. And thoughts, and feelings. Doni was right. You ARE an awesome writer!

  11. It’s funny how the “ability” to write is so challenged by the exact shifts in psyche you described.

    Very well said.

  12. Life is all lessons. The important thing is we need not fear exploring it. 🙂

  13. Sean you are fantastic – love reading all that you have to say!

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