Sunrise Dreamers

photo by Simone Badour

She’s beautiful when she sleeps.

When her eyes close and she lets go of her day. A soft smile plays on
delicate lips; I can watch the tension drain from her body as she
finally and completely relaxes. She mumbles softly and
shifts, she pulls me in tighter; this is the favorite part of my day,
of any day, of every day.

This makes it worth it. The early mornings and the late nights. The
hard work and the paying dues. The days on the road with the strangers and their sad smiles. It’s all worth it, as long as she is waiting for me
when I get home.

The squinty corners of her deep brown eyes when she laughs, and the
glimmer of love in them when she smiles up at me. The way she finds
my hand when I need it most; and that time she told me she’d never let
go. When we snuck up to the rooftop with a bottle of wine and two
heads full of dreams.

We are the original sunrise dreamers, and she’s just so beautiful when
she sleeps.
Please take a moment to check out Simone Badour Photography


3 responses to “Sunrise Dreamers

  1. wait, i thought i was happy being single? stop it.

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