Rooftop Drift

There are some things that will never go out of style. Sitting on a rooftop in Southern California at sunset is one of those things. Winter is coming, so the sun streaks earlier, but the scene is the same, and the scene is beautiful. The scene embodies clichés, and brings understanding to late 1960’s rock and roll music. The scene takes your breath away, and provides an inner calm. Drift away.

Climb those stairs in the late afternoon, and grab a comfortable position in the warm and beautiful sunshine. Offer your face to the sky in appreciation of all the good things in your life. Let the cares wash away, or at least drift from the forefront for the time being. The rooftop at sunset is no time for the working man’s struggle, or the modern man’s hustle; whichever category seems to suit you best, its not important anymore.

A tasty beverage is a nice compliment, though hardly a necessary part of the ritual. Depending on the mood, I enjoy a gentleman’s glass of whiskey, or perhaps a sipping beer. Should I feel the fire that day, I move to a Bloody Mary with extra vodka and extra spice. The tunes are important as well. Perhaps some Laurel Canyon music, something timeless, something classy. The Rolling Stones are a good choice. Keith Richards understands soul. And I appreciate his creations.

Bring something to read while you wait for the event. A newspaper, a book. Again, something classy, something timeless. Something by Kerouac or Hemmingway, something by Thompson. Bukowski was an LA man, but few of his works capture the peace of the rooftop sunset. His work is best read mid afternoon, in the back of a seedy dive, with strong drink. A computer is nice, though hardly timeless, and the options endless in variety and quality and style. Potentially overwhelming. Something creative, something sad, something romantic. Necessary characteristics.

Watch now, as the sun starts to disappear behind the hills or into the ocean. Both views amazing in their own respects. Watch the yellow orange glow cast over sparse vegetation, or watch the water light up golden as another day slips away. Sip on your tasty beverage, and appreciate the good things in your life.

This is your life.


5 responses to “Rooftop Drift

  1. That’s a nice life, if you can get it.

  2. nice piece! i read it as if it were a voiceover to a movie.. I love that life! My life isn’t bad either.. Laptops and native huts near the beach. 🙂

  3. I really do love this post. And your last line is just super.

    But why does my header look cooler in your photograph?!

  4. Have I mentioned lately that I kind of love your words?

  5. I miss that roof and those sunsets! xx

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