No Final Wisdom Today

or ask Storefront Jenius

Sometimes I wonder if my brain is broken. Or more accurately, I wonder whether I broke it, or it came to me defective out of the box. Because if it did, I’d like a new one. Not an upgrade per se, or cash back, just a properly functioning one. Because one thing is for sure, it’s broken. Just like yours. Or maybe not like yours, and maybe that’s what makes us all different and unique and special. We celebrate our brokenness, except no one calls it that. Which is fine, let’s clean it up for the kids. For the kids, always the kids.

But it’s cold and dark in Dunedin today; it appears that the sunshine skipped us. The hip-hop has a sad tone to it today, something I didn’t notice yesterday. Which is alright too. Not every day can be a happy day. Sometimes the earth shakes and people fall and it doesn’t seem right to have sunshine on those days.

This plastic lawn furniture cuts off circulation, and she’s doing her best to act coy. In a moment, I’m going to look up at her, and she’s going to quickly look down at whatever silly book she’s pretending to read. Three two one…yep. She would be cute if she didn’t try so hard, but she’ll figure it out. They always do. And then they do a fantastic job of reminding us, who in fact owns, The Upper Hand.

Small children play in broken English underneath a sign advertising empty promises. I would murder their mothers for a burrito. All three of them. Though perhaps they are siblings, and that would sort of change the sentiment. But my heart is in the right place, even if my head is still broken. My tongue craves Mexican, and my hands shake in the morning.

Blogs are the death of the novel; personal blogging is the death of honest writing. And it makes me sad. They can’t all be feel good stories. There’s a word for someone who has a new mini crisis every day, but then, magically, a new lesson is learned and they walk away a better and more inspirational person. That word is liar.

I guess I’ll never be too great at brand promotion.

Go listen to something from Rhymesayers. Or Fight From Above.

5 responses to “No Final Wisdom Today

  1. This makes me very sad.

  2. We’re all liars in some sense. I got a fortune cookie message today that said “A half-truth is a whole lie.”

    I hope you don’t stop writing on this “blog” – it’s your blog, it can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a way to share writing. Not every blogger is a writer – but you are. Keep telling these stories.

  3. “Go listen to something from Rhymesayers. Or Fight From Above”

    …or Graham Lindsey.
    I think you might dig.

    Keep writing, Sean. If your writing isn’t “honest,” it sure has the feel of it.

  4. What a lovely, sad, REAL post. And your’e so right, Sean. In a way, I feel like blogging is the lazy person’s writing. I write every day but it’s not actually getting me somewhere, is it? Let’s make oaths to each other to do proper writing. In fact, I’m going to e-mail you tonight with a proposition.

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