scene from a wednesday night rooftop

Just so we’re clear, its very much still her turn to write, he thinks to himself with an amused smile. Its dark out, and he can taste rain in the air. The night has the hint of a bite, he can feel winter coming. He’s perched up out on a ledge, his own private hideout in the top of his building, up on a hill that overlooks the city. He likes it up here, and he knows no one will bother him. In a building full of friends, he knows he can climb up here and be alone.

He wonders about her, and what she’s been up to recently. He wonders of her life and her new job, her doctors and her other doctors, and he wonders if she’s smiling enough. He has always adored her smile, and he hopes she is sharing it with the world. He wonders how living with her family is going. And if spring is in the air in Athens, just as fall is creeping into the air in Dunedin.

He stretches his legs on the cold metal grating of his fire escape perch, he flexes his muscles of calves and thighs and feels just about recovered from the last couple of weeks he spent hiking. He enjoyed the days out of the trail, and he can see how people can become outdoor type people…though he knows that he’ll always be a city kid. He also enjoyed kayaking, though he despised the devil sand flies. It made him feel really good to come back from the adventure to find people’s faces lighting up to see him. It made him feel loved, and it reaffirmed that maybe he’s doing something right, when he can make such good friends in such a short amount of time. He’s excited to head up to the north island on Sunday for a new job and a new life in Mount Maunganui. He’s looking forward to sunshine again, and to surfing. He’s excited with the possibility of new adventure and new people, though he’ll miss the old ones, as he always does.

He always feels the pull of the road, and the need to move. He tries not to think about it too hard, because he doesn’t like the conclusions that he might come to about himself. So he smiles a lot and keeps moving. But sometimes, especially when he’s alone with his thoughts, he does wonder if he’ll ever find a place that feels like home.

He misses their conversations, but he knows they both have busy lives. He still checks her blog in the morning with his cup of coffee, though now sometimes its tea. It’s still his favorite way to face the day.


6 responses to “scene from a wednesday night rooftop

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  2. 1) the old ones do miss you, even hose of us doug their own exploring.
    2) some of your best scenes and writing is set on or written from a rooftop
    3) I love these letters… Both of them 🙂
    4) I’m wondering about you in NZ with all this weather stuff. Send me a note on how you’re doing before my mom emails me and asks 🙂
    5) oregon coast is under a tsunami watch. Nuts, huh?

  3. 6) I typed that comment from my iPhone at nearly 3am. Forgive those typos.

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