shy smiles from far away places

So I sent a letter to a girl, a beautiful, inspiring girl, and she wrote me back!
“She’s been thinking of traveling again. She gets letters from strangers in far-off places who did what she’s always done: packed up and gone, and she’s envious. She wants the simplicity of the road. She wants to sit in foreign coffee shops and be in the right here, right now and nowhere else. She is a silly little entertainer; she wants to go out and find more people she can love. More people to love her. She thinks about traveling all the time and she wonders if she’ll always be like this: settling in one place for long enough to get bored and then flying off, flying, flying, flying until she gets lonely and thinks she’s ready to settle down again. “
She is an amazing writer, the rest of her letter is here

So then he said…

only one thing could improve this scene

He wonders at the blandness of a life without smiles. And decides it’s not something he’d ever want to experience first hand. His new city is so warm with a beach so beautiful; it’s such a romantic spot that he can’t help but think of her. He sees her mischief in the eyes of the strangers he meets, and he hears her laugh in their ridiculous accents.

He appreciates her love of The Road, mostly because he’s consumed by it himself. No place feels like home, but that’s nothing new. He feels like settling into a routine is the same as giving up or giving in, at least settling down before he’s found what it is that he truly wants out of life. Discovering what it is that makes him feel alive is what moves him these days. He’s deathly afraid of being trapped in a life meant for someone else. He suspects she shares these fears.

He wanders the beach at night, alone with his bottle of wine and the ghosts of his past. More important than either of those though are his dreams. The life he will lead, the life he works toward. Adventures yet to be undertaken, and smiles yet to be shared. He can’t help but think of her on these moonlit walks, and dream of a day they can share a bottle together; holding hands as the black waves crash ashore. He doesn’t know why, but he feels these dreams to be quite important to his well being, to his overall mental health. To have an idea, something to strive for, is what keeps him going. They are what fuel his smiles.

Back at the hostel, he smiles shyly at these beach girls from abroad, not really interested, and feeling older and looking younger than he has in years. Instead he smiles passionately to himself, at the vision of a girl he’s never met. But one who inspires his dreams nonetheless.


3 responses to “shy smiles from far away places

  1. I love this 🙂 Beautifully written, thanks for sharing!

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