No Red Lights Tonight

I may not be the best, but I’m in the top two.

Who are these people who wait for the Walk signal? Standing there, with no traffic coming in any direction, yet not crossing the street. These people are not random downtown wanderers. These people have a destination in mind, a purpose. And yet they don’t seem to be in any rush to get there. Sometimes alone, or some times in whole groups, I see them wait for the signal. Not daring to step into the street without permission from the electronic box. Waiting for permission from society to act.

Who are these people, respecting authority to the point of absurdity? Are they that scared of The Man that they’ll waste their life standing on the corner until some complex traffic control algorithm in some computer somewhere decides that it’s their turn to walk? I’m not talking about the assholes who step into a busy street and just assume that the cars will stop. Fuck those guys. I’m talking about the people who wait for the light, even though they cannot see a single moving car on any street in any direction. These people confuse and sadden me.

These are the people of the world who color inside the lines. And God Bless them for that. They are the ones who keep society in tact, safe. These are not the Risk Takers. Perhaps not even people who think for themselves. They have their safe lives, and they’re happy in them. Or at least they think they are. And to me, it’s really one and the same. I won’t question their happiness. Maybe they could share a little with me? Perhaps the key to life is waiting for that light to flip from red to white. But I don’t think that’s the life that I want. And that’s probably not my version of happiness anyway. Waiting in the rain for the light to turn so I can shuffle across the pavement and continue on with my life? No Thanks.

I prefer the risk takers. Those who see things the way they are, and take advantage of the situation. Those who put themselves out there, and see how things work out. The ones who don’t play it safe all the time, and especially don’t wait for the rest of us to tell them when it’s safe to move. The ones who take a chance on something just slightly outside the mainstream. Something outside the norm, and even better if it’s outside of their own comfort zone. Those who do something original and creative, who take a chance on life. Those people are my heroes. Those people are my inspiration. The ones who create music, create a business, create a new existence from themselves as well as the rest of us.

The ones waiting for the light to turn?

I’m not interested in that sort of thing. I walk fast, and my brain moves faster. I’m not jumping in front of busses or anything, but I’m also not waiting for the light to turn. I’m onto the next thing. The next block, the next idea, the next sentence, the next song, the next idea. I want to get there first.

Some of us don’t have time to waste, waiting for the light to change.

In the words of my man Wyclef, as he said in the “Intro”, “We ain’t stopping for no red lights tonight.”


2 responses to “No Red Lights Tonight

  1. Maybe they’re people who, like myself, saw someone hit by a car that came out of nowhere. Maybe they’re not in any big rush and don’t mind taking the time to wait, and are happy for little pauses that life brings. And they don’t feel like interacting with heavy pieces of metal traveling at speed. 🙂

  2. Great post! I am often one of these stopping for lights people. Not always, but often. Sometimes I’m just happy to take a second and catch my breath and my bearings, and sometimes I just like to take extra caution moving through the world. This does not, however, reflect the rest of my life, where I do things very much according to my own timeline and whims and rules.

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