I am a firm believer that life must be lived in an interesting fashion. To fill in the particulars of what this might mean to the reader are presumptuous at best. For me, this means living in a constant state of motion if not outright geographical movement. I’m born and raised all over the Upper Midwest of the United States, and there’s no place I’d rather be from. From an early age though, I was extremely conscious to the idea that there is a much larger world than Michigan and Chicago and Minnesota.

I will pick up and move at the drop of a hat or the rumor of an adventure, as the case may be. Settling into a new scene is nearly as fun as being a local, and within a few months, I feel the urge to get back on the Road, to move once again. As the weather grows cold in a particular place, I am constantly reminded that on the other side of the world, spring is just beginning. Coming from the center of a rather large continent, I absolutely adore the ocean in only a way that a tourist can.

Over the last few years, I’ve been a student, a factory worker, a lab chemist, a Teamster, a writer, a hobo, an apple picker, a hostel worker, a lover, and a friend. Throughout it all, I’ve been an observer. With a keen sense of voice and reflection, and also with a nose for the weird. I love basketball and Mexican food, late nights partying and looking for that pixie of my own. Late nights spent typing hold a special place in my heart. As does blue collar punk rock and underground hip hop. I fiercely adore anything creative and original. I probably drink too much. This doesn’t really bother me. Thank you for reading.

Contact me via seanmcbrown at gmail. Hit me up via Twitter @SeanMcBrown

Don’t steal my words, they don’t always come easy.


4 responses to “About

  1. As i am sitting here,currently in the same hostel in seattle washington in which ,you graced us with your presence ,one faithful afternoon,i cant help but be impressed by the writing of this page.I am surrounded by staff and hostel guests[including the returned valley girls],to share the stories of this site.You are a very talented and intersting person Mr.brown ,and i hope in the near future to be able to say ,i knew you back when you were a hostelling ,chess wizard, card shark.Best of luck where ever the road will take you.
    Go n-éirigh an bóthar leat

  2. I just spent the better part of my morning reading back through your archives. And I kind of feel like I found buried treasure. Wow. Just, wow.

    Now excuse me while I go read some more while sipping on my third cup of coffee since I started.

  3. I’m loving the posts! Fantastic writing! I hope you are well!

  4. Heart your adorable face, my dear friend. Also, this is a great bio 🙂

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