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One thing that I’m enjoying about this whole gig is the fact that I can stay up writing all night, but then sleep in till ten or noon. I still get my seven or eight hours, just at a slightly more convenient schedule.

Well here I am, up at 7 am in this wretched city of non-believers and swine merchants, cursing whatever it was that made me think I had a stomach made of galvanized cast iron. My diet yesterday was as follows:

-2 cups of coffee
-1 Buffalo Style Italian sausage with extra blue cheese from Superdog
-1 pint of orange juice
-1 19 cent banana
-2 Tecate with lime
-1 giant burrito al pastor, extra cheese, easy on the rice

And now, I hurt. And its about 99 degrees in my apartment. Get the fuck out of the way. Today, I am mayhem.